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Service Automation with Service Desk

Hello Kaseya Community and Conference attendees! 

As promised, here are the sample Service Desks discussed in the Service Automation presentation.

This is truly next-generation stuff and for now documentation is light. I will add more detailed documentation as I get the time. 

These won't be perfect out of the gate, but will improve over time based on your usage and feedback. 

Lots of time went into creating them, so I'm genuinely looking forward to your comments! 

Please keep any discussion related to actual Importing/Installation of these desks here in the Resources section, and post any comments about usage or  workflow/logic issues in the Service Desk section of the forum. 

  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    5-7-2012 -- Just updated the DiagnosticDesk. Made a modification to the procedure '11d04a01 - Add to notes' where I fixed a typo in the step for collecting the userprofiles folder and improved how extra line feed / space characters are removed from CSV data retrieved from an agent for graphing purposes.

  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Updated the Diagnostic Desk to resolve an issue with the role being added to the desk.

  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Please note, you may have to edit the 'General Diagnostic Procedure' agent procedure to reference the other agent procedures if the procedure links do not show up correctly.

    Just Edit this procedure and you'll see right away if the script references are intact. If not, just modify each one and select the other procedures that have been imported.

  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Added PStools.zip which was missing from the Agent Files subfolder and needs to be present under VSASharedFiles\ManagedFiles.

  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Is this SD SAAS friendly? What I mean by that is that is SAAS we only have the System Role - and another desk I have tried had some components that required the Master Role and therefore I was not able to edit them.


  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Hi, firstly thanks very much for sharing this, gives us a great insight to what can be achieved with KSD. I'm new to this module and have been looking at your examples (the services desk currently) but am having trouble with getting the ticket to reopen when the alarm reoccurs, could you point me in the right direction?

    I appreciate any pointers, Andy

  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Hi Ben,

    When I try to import your service desk template I get the error that the SQL is unapproved?

    How do I fix this? (I'm sure it's a silly question, but I've not found any documentation on it)

  • Service Automation with Service Desk


    I was wondering if you have an updated version of the "Service Automation with Service Desk.zip" for Kaseya 6.3.  I am implementing Service Desk and I think that your examples would really help in the process.  When I try to import the file that is attached to this post I get the error message below:

    Failed to create a service desk : System.ApplicationException: Attempt to import Procedure with unapproved Sql Commands: select servicelist.name from servicelist inner join monitorservice on servicelist.servicelistid=monitorservice.servicelistid where monitorservice.monitorserviceid=[$SourceValue2$] at Kaseya.Scripting.Importer.ProcessScript(ExportProcedure script, Decimal containingFolderId) in c:\dev\Core\branches\v6.3.0.0\Source\AppFramework\ScriptEngine\Importer.cs:line 517 at Kaseya.Scripting.Importer.ProcessFolder(ExportFolder parentFolder, Decimal containingFolderId, Decimal shareFK) in c:\dev\Core\branches\v6.3.0.0\Source\AppFramework\ScriptEngine\Importer.cs:line 197 at Kaseya.Scripting.Importer.ProcessExportItem(ExportItem item, String viewName, Decimal parentFolderId, Decimal shareFK) in c:\dev\Core\branches\v6.3.0.0\Source\AppFramework\ScriptEngine\Importer.cs:line 138 at Kaseya.Scripting.Importer.Import(ScriptExport import, String viewName, Decimal parentFolderId, Decimal shareFK) in c:\dev\Core\branches\v6.3.0.0\Source\AppFramework\ScriptEngine\Importer.cs:line 650 at Kaseya.ServiceDesk.rCreateServiceDesk.Process() in c:\Dev\serviceDesk\branches\serviceDesk-v1.4.0.0\source\Services\rCreateServiceDesk.cs:line 647



  • Service Automation with Service Desk

    Ben are you still doing development on this service automation of the service desk?

    secondly is it possible to edit the email template to have html and css3 capabilities for adding banners and formatted fonts to those templates?These are the email templates that the users receive when logging an incident