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Updated Kaseya Desktop Collector for v6.2+

This is a fix for the original Kaseya Desktop Collector posted at:




It's an awesome tool, but it was throwing errors on my On-Premise installation.  I discovered this was because of a version mismatch on a couple of the required utilities and the newer versions (original versions were no longer available for download) have different command line parameters, and step 1 and 2 of the installation instructions had to be reversed or Kaseya was giving a validation error.

So, I made the adjustments and am posting it here for everyone to enjoy.  If you use either Ticketing or Kaseya Service Desk (KSD), this is a MUST HAVE!

It is a big download, but that is because I included the current (and working with this version of the script) version of all of the required utilities to prevent these problems in the future.  Note that the file sizes listed in the instructions may not match the actual sizes--this is because they are different versions than those that were used when the instructions were written.

Much thanks to Ben for writing this great tool!

-Not tested on OS X, so that might need a little tweaking still.

  • Updated Kaseya Desktop Collector for v6.2+

    great this is working for me now better than before.  Great work

    Seems hit ans miss to get it playing in IE and sometimes not working properly is Chrome.

    Has there been any progress getting the results to integrate with SD?

  • Updated Kaseya Desktop Collector for v6.2+

    I've been busy and sometimes have tough keeping up with my own creations -- I'm utterly thrilled to see you've taken this up and started using it!

  • Updated Kaseya Desktop Collector for v6.2+

    I'm getting an error when I try to run the script in Live Connect.