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Windows 7 SP1 Manual Install.

Following the thread about windows 7 SP1 manual install. I have attached this script file that I have used in my environment. This is designed to work with K6.1

The script checks for 64-bit or 32-bit requirement and downloads to the patch file source share. The script is not designed for environments that do not have a patch file share. Also I do not have any versioning that checks if Windows 7 SP1 is already installed. Modify as you see fit and enjoy..



Using the script, Note: for some reason the Kaseya export does not export the entire script, once imported it will need to be modified. 

There are two "Execute Script Get URL (Use Patch File Source setting)" lines, one for 64bit, one for 32bit.

First One Set the URL to download from to be "http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/A/F/0AFB5316-3062-494A-AB78-7FB0D4461357/windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe"

and the filename to be "windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe"


Second one set the URL to download from to be "http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/A/F/0AFB5316-3062-494A-AB78-7FB0D4461357/windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe"

and the filename to be "windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe"


  • Windows 7 SP1 Manual Install.

    Thanks - I'm going to try it out now.  

    Note to Kaseya... 'cmon guys.  If a script is in K it should ALWAYS be fully exportable.  You guys are making this much harder than it should be.  I pay a LOT of money in support each month, so I expect more from you guys than this.  ConnectWise has a template sharing system that is wonderful - follow their lead.  ALSO, the fact that we even have to jump through a process of someone writing a special procedure to account for the fact that the patch management system can't reliably apply Windows 7 Service Pack 1 should be a big red flag somewhere in your company that there is a problem.

  • Windows 7 SP1 Manual Install.

    Rick, I agree with your comments.

    But would recommend anyone trying SP1 to have a go at the automatic update feature before using the script. I have also tried using the automatic update feature again recently and it seems to be noticeably better than when I first tried it.

  • Windows 7 SP1 Manual Install.


    I am looking at our Qindows 7 machiens, and tehy all register as fully patched, wven though SP1 is not installed. K2 seems to see the Version as '7600' and tehrefore fullly up to date, rather than 'Windows 7' or 'Windows 7 SP1' hence it thinks that the OS is fully patched, even though it is missing an entire service pack, and any updates taht follow that.

    This is quite irritating. My memory of 5.2 patch management was that when you ran an initial update, it woudl start at the Service packs and work its way down through remining Critical, then high Priority updates and so on, until the OS (i.e. just XP, for example, not XP SP2) was fully patched.

    Setting Initial Update, or running automatic updates on a schedule, is really flawed if it doersn't then install Service Packs. At least Kaseya should make scripts available to all installations if there is some issue with the way Microsoft have built Windows 7 that prevents this from happening.

  • Windows 7 SP1 Manual Install.

    I agree completely... what i encounter on all systems that don't have SP1 (or IE9, for that matter) installed is the update just hangs, and retries every night.  After reaching out to Kaseya support on this, they say it is because the patch requires user interaction.  I would think that the patch management would handle this a little more effectively since it is a known problem...