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Desktop Collector - Kserver Deployment Script

This procedure was written by me to be used with Benjamin Lavalley's "Desktop Collector - Helps Users submit Screenshots/Video/Audio" procedure/script.


The procedure that should do all the hard work of downloading and putting the files in the correct places for you. I have only had one server to test it on but I'm sure it should work on either Windows Server 2003 or 2008. If you find that it does not work my apologies in advance. Please note that I do not own the software that the procedure downloads and won't take any responsibility of for anything that might go wrong. So user be warned use at your own risk! That being said I have written it to help with deployment and have used it on my own production server up to the point that it was uploaded.


Requirements KServer

Usage: Download, extract and import via the Agent Procedures Function.

I hope it is useful, feel free to post comments and gimme some stars if you like it.

  • Desktop Collector - Kserver Deployment Script

    I posted an updated version of the script at community.kaseya.com/.../67639.aspx

    It includes the current version of the utilities, fixes the errors due to the new version of utilities/unavailability of original versions, and fixes the errors caused in version 6.2