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Adobe Flash - Non-Active X - Kaseya 6.0.1 Only - Windows - Read Description!

This is a new type of application update procedure I've created to allow for a few important features:

    •    Automatically leverage Patch Management File Source configuration for application deployment
    •    Deploy new versions of an application without having to change the procedure -- just run it again
    •    Allow for quick modification to deploy new applications by just editing a few lines

Be sure you're using Kaseya 6.0.1 which now supports 'global' variables -- check for this under System --> Configure, you should see your version number at the top. If you need 6.0.1, just contact support.

To import the procedure, just extract the XML and import it with the Agent Procedures -> Import button, clicking either a private or public folder first which the procedure will reside.

As soon as you import, as mentioned in the description of the procedure, be sure edit the procedure and change the two 'Schedule Procedure' steps at the bottom to reference this specific procedure itself.

If you have systems setup to use the Kaseya server as the file source (usually not the case), you should download the application's EXE to the public files folder of your Kaseya server. You can easily upload it with the Agent Procedures -> Manage Files button.

In the case of Adobe Flash (Non-Active X), the actual URL we'll be using will be located at http://files.kaseya.com/sftp/appupdates/flash_non_active_x/flash_non_active_x-url.txt -- this text file contains the URL of the file you need to grab.

You will see 'flash_non_active_x' is a variable in the procedure -- this allows us to quickly change the variable to match a common file and folder structure on our site so myself or other Kaseyans can update these variables to pull down the latest version of an application, negating the need to import a new procedure every time. Ideally, you could schedule this procedure to run regularly to keep Adobe Flash for Non-Active X browsers up to date.

Be sure to check the Agent Procedure log as you are testing out this procedure, as I did my best to log down exactly what is happening with the procedure for troubleshooting purposes. You can also use the procedure log to enhance your Executive Summary to show how many times the application has been updated, or to view the results of a large number of systems with a Log -> Agent Procedure log report.

Be sure to post any feedback -- I'm looking forward to seeing how this is received :)

Benjamin Lavalley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kaseya

  • Adobe Flash - Non-Active X - Kaseya 6.0.1 Only - Windows - Read Description!

    Flash 10.2 is now supported.

    They might be difficult to find, but you'll see the 'Schedule procedure' steps near the bottom, that may even be red when you view the procedure within the GUI. You just need to update the association to refer back to this very same procedure itself.

    You also need to upload the new Adobe Flash Active X installer to your Kaseya server to account for any agents you have setup to retrieve their files directly from it.

  • Adobe Flash - Non-Active X - Kaseya 6.0.1 Only - Windows - Read Description!

    Updated for 10.3 as of June 9th 2011.