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Scripts - Antivirus Update Status Check (Audit)

This script was inspired by a script Dan from SIAX Computing Solution posted in the forums however was written to be robust and provide additional information. This script is still in Beta stage as I could not test all the productState values as documentation on these values are very limited. Information on how I got to these values can be found in this link; http://www.neophob.com/2010/03/wmi-query-windows-securitycenter2/

Note that this script will only work on Windows XP SP2, Vista and 7 operating systems as Windows 2000 and Server 2003/2008 does not have the required WMI SecurityCenter\SecurityCenter2 name spaces.


Please leave comments if you see any bugs and make sure to rate it Smile


Modifications after initial Post

23/09/2010 - Updated the script to log Windows XP, Vista and 7 with no AV installed (Uploaded it twice as first upload had an issue)




  • Scripts - Antivirus Update Status Check (Audit)

    would this script work for Symantec Endpoint Antivirus?

  • Scripts - Antivirus Update Status Check (Audit)

    It works with MS Security Center so yes but only with workstations not servers.

  • Scripts - Antivirus Update Status Check (Audit)

    MS Security Center detects the status for most AV products.

  • Scripts - Antivirus Update Status Check (Audit)

    Anyone using this script and have tried it?