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Create an Alert that tells you if a PC changes location....

This procedure can be run once on a machine that you want to be alerted when it comes online from a new location.  Because the procedure is configured to reschedule itself every time it runs, running it once means it will continue to monitor that machine until it is intentionally stopped.  

The effect is,  if a laptop is removed from the office and gets turned on anywhere else, for example at someones house, you will receive an email immediately.


This procedure needs to be first imported into your Kaseya Server. 

  • Switch to the Agent Procedure Tab
  • Schedule Create
  • Select the Folder you want to Import into
  • Import Folder/Procedure will appear at the Top
  • Find the xml file to import and save.  If you have any issues with this, try opening the XML in a browser or editor, copy to the clipboard, paste it into the location provided, Save.
Next, edit the procedure and change the following sections.  This includes the Email notifications should be sent to as well as call backs to reschedule the procedure every time it runs.  Kaseya actually uses Procedure ID's which are lost when importing an individual Procedure.
Also, for testing you will notice there is a step that causes a Pop-Up on the monitored machine when a location change is detected.  This is disabled by default, but can be enabled or edited here.
Pick a machine and run it once.  By default, it will run a check every hour.  this can be change. perhaps for testing by changing step 1.


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  • Create an Alert that tells you if a PC changes location....

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