A complete and effective Systems Management process is too often a tedious goal to reach. Kaseya's latest upgrades simplify how you apply settings to your machines. Now, asset discovery within your environment, applying maintenance procedures, creating monitor sets with pre-defined thresholds for multiple levels of alerting, audit schedules, patch management policies and much more, has never been easier.

This demo will include a look into several new Kaseya features:

  • Learn how to Discover all of your devices using network and domain-based scans and immediately bring them under management as either managed assets or managed agents

  • Learn how to enable the automatic application of Kaseya's Standard Solution Package using a simple, Systems Management Wizard

  • A review of Policy Management to highlight the power of policy-based governance

  • A peek into Labels within Views - A new feature which automatically attaches a label to machines based on their role (ie. Domain Controller, Exchange Server, etc...)