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Kaseya Software Roadmap

Starting in October of 2013, Kaseya instituted a practice of delivering three regular software releases per year: January, May, and September. In addition, we used to deliver this publicly posted Roadmap which details in advance what was planned for each of the next three releases, and updated the Roadmap shortly after each release.

Over the past year Kaseya has completely converted to an Agile approach in engineering. We use an iterative planning approach, and priorities often change during the development process based on constant input from customers and the market. This creates a mismatch between expectations set in our roadmap and what we deliver.

We started a new process at Kaseya Connect on April 14-16. At Connect we provided an update on the Product Strategy and Vision in a keynote address. The strategy describes our overall direction for the following year and more. As each new release is completed we will provide much more detailed information about what has been delivered, and how it supports our product strategy.

A number of customers have requested additional detailed information about what included in Release 9, beyond the new modules and capabilities. The section below has been expanded to include more detailed information in response to your requests.

June 2015 - R9.1


Sign-on / Authentication

  • New logon page
  • Strong integration with AuthAnvil 2FA for both on-premise and cloud
  • Support for federated single sign-on (SSO) using AuthAnvil

Remote Control:

  • Continued improvements in support for different keyboard actions

KServer & Agent:

  • Beta Support for Windows 10
  • Significant work done to improve Kserver performance and stability

Agent Procedure Signatures

  • Optional support for 2FA signature of agent procedures for customers using Authanvil

Advanced Network Monitoring

  • Significant work done to improve KNM stability

Sustenance work delivered in R9.1

  • 435 issues resolved by engineering
    • 120 VSA issues; 50 Advance Network Monitoring issues; 200 EMM issues
    • A complete list of the bug fixes is included in the Release Notes.
  • Also, issued patches on previous releases: 100 for R9, 20 for R8

Prepared to launch Tenant Migration Tool

  • Completed testing of Migration Tool
  • Utilized in new Trial process
  • Plans being finalized for migration of all US customers during the summer


  • Ability to delete customer organizations from Mobility module.
  • Ability to customize security profiles
  • Improved performance


  • Web workflow automation engine updated to support new directives for delays, click steps and deeper frame injection support
  • Updated SSO Assistant to support new web workflow directives
  • Updated AuthAnvil Web Recorder Chrome Extension to support new web workflow automation v2 framework
  • Added Kaseya VSA to federated SSO catalog as a pre-configured app


  • Improved stability
  • New Device Signatures added

365 Command

New Microsoft Online® Management Dashboards

  • New views for Office 365®, Exchange®, SharePoint®, OneDrive® and Skype for Business®
  • Easy to read one page summaries
  • Drill down to detailed reports in just one-click

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