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Kaseya Software Roadmap

This roadmap provides a high-level view of the product direction for Kaseya. The purpose is to provide directional visibility and is not intended to be a feature by feature list; as standard practice, we provide details in our release notes. In addition to developing new features, Kaseya is also investing significant resources into performance improvements, scalability and architectural enhancements that may not be apparent in a roadmap.

Kaseya will continue to have three regular software releases per year: January, May, and September, that cover all of our products. We will formally update the roadmap after each release.

The upcoming releases have different levels of detail and certainty, depending on the delivery dates. The release schedule covered by this roadmap is:

January 2015
May 2015
September 2015



January 2015 - Plan

Cloud Platform

Project VaaS: A multimillion dollar upgrade to the Kaseya trusted cloud platform to host our VSA and EMM Cloud solutions and future new generation of Kaseya solutions. Improvements include:

  • State of the Art Architecture
  • Automation for deployment and update for speed and accuracy
  • New high availability capabilities including failover for server failure and recoverability for database
  • Improved database and application performance
  • Improved security
  • Improved scalability


  • Deliver MDM, MAM & BYOD on VSA platform
  • Easy and fastest on-boarding of devices and users to appropriate orgs (of MSPs)
  • Fastest deployment of consistent, pre-defined policies
  • One easy to use integrated UI for maximum administrative productivity
  • User-based pricing
  • Education in Kaseya University
  • Enrolling Beta testers now follow link to register


  • Kaseya Backup – revamp synthetic offsite backup


  • Education added to Kaseya University

365 Command

  • Expand reporting across Microsoft Online Services
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Lync
  • Yammer


MFA (Multi-Factor Authorization) Cloud version

  • Built entirely on VaaS & next generation cloud infrastructure

Universal Cloud Directory

  • Provides a centralized directory service for users, roles, devices and applications
  • Synchronized with Microsoft AD

May 2015 - Intent


  • SSO Cloud version
    • Full AuthAnvil SSO catalog available
  • Use Policy to centralize security options for endpoints
  • Manage passwords for individual accounts


Software Deployment and Update

  • Transformed combination of Software Delivery and Update with Patch Management
  • Fastest and easiest deployment of software titles and patches
  • Installation and activation of endpoint software is implicit
  • Introduce support for Mac OS X

Endpoint security (general term for Antivirus & Antimalware)

  • Transformed approach
  • Fastest and easiest deployment of endpoint security
  • High performance and stability
  • Installation and activation of endpoint software is implicit
  • Introduce support for Mac OS X

VSA security

  • MFA and SSO provided for VSA users; based on AuthAnvil technology
  • Provides secure enablement of technicians and their devices

Executive Summary Report

  • New look and feel

Remote Control

  • Drag and drop file transfer (File Manager)
  • Zoom In & Out, and fit to Screen
  • Terminal emulator support for Mac, Windows and Linux


  • Universal Directory integration for user management and AD Synchronization
  • Analytics and Dashboard
  • Report Automation
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Kaseya University

  • Education curriculum for all new modules

Deprecated or Removed Features

Kaseya Imaging and Deployment

  • Support ends 03/15/2015

September 2015 - Vision


Windows 10 Support across all products

  • Schedule dependent upon Microsoft release


  • Full Password Management Cloud Version
    • Can enable injection of user credentials into other management tools like Remote Control
  • New Data Residency Option
    • Enables secure storage of vital identity information in systems controlled in your own IT infrastructure



  • New simplified Backup & Restore module
  • Fastest and simplest deployment of policy driven backup
  • Enable top-down use cases: Backup, Restore, Profiles
  • High performance and stability
  • Installation and activation of endpoint software is implicit

Software Deployment

  • Linux support
  • Bulk policy operations

Endpoint security (general term for Antivirus & Antimalware)

  • Bulk policy operations

Remote Control

  • Task Manager capabilities
  • Agent side status reviewer
  • Drill down / Scan Now
  • Integration with AuthAnvil to enable login with end-user password

Automation Desk

  • New PSA Integration
  • Full bi-directional ticketing integration with PSA solutions: AutoTask & Connectwise
  • Dynamically synchronize asset definitions
  • Fast set up and deployment
  • Provide for both Cloud and On-premise customers

Mobile Dashboard Service (Beta)

  • New next generation dashboards
    • Will unify all Kaseya solutions
  • Capture status and compliance views
  • Provide time series visualization and analysis
  • Securely sharable dashboards

Traverse & VSA (Beta)

  • New Discovery, Asset management and Monitoring
  • Fastest and easiest discovery setup and deployment
  • Lowest TCO for managing your infrastructure


  • Secure SDK for partner apps
  • Enable App level VPN
  • Provide SSO and MFA for access to EMM
  • Windows Mobile (10) support




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