KB#:  KKB000437

Why does the AVG Resident Shield service on a KES endpoint crash with a message like this: -

Requires crash dump for analysis

Please take the following steps to gather a crash dump: -

1) click on the "Click here" link on the message above

2) you will see the following:

3) click on the link highlighted above

4) you will see something like this:

5) go to the directory where the files being sent live. It's usually c:\documents and settings\username\Local Settings\temp\<some strange name like WER0867>. You get this directory (with a little hunting) from the paths shown in "Error Report Contents"

6) copy all the files in the directory to a zip file. Do not close the dialog before you have copied the files to the zip file. The files will be deleted or sent to Microsoft when you close the dialog.

7) create a support ticket with Kaseya by going to System tab > Request Support on your VSA. Please include the following information: -
- attach the zip containing the crash dump
- machine.group ID of the endpoint the crash occurred on
- time / date the crash occurred
- circumstances leading to the crash, e.g. during a scan, update etc
- if the crash is repeatable include detailed steps that we can use to make it happen
- to expediate resolution, please provide access to your VSA application with permission to remote control a machine where it has occurred
- refer to this KB article


Kaseya Endpoint Security (KES)