KB#:  KKB000376


What are the update Return codes found in KES View Logs?


AVG sends down update status information which will be displayed in View Logs. Below is a description of what those return codes mean:

result 0

@update_result_vir_sched_disabled - scheduled database update is disabled or @UPDATEMGR_State_text_active - update is active


result 0x60018d06

@update_result_no_update_found - No new update files are available


result 0xe0018d00

@update_result_need_reboot_program - The update needs restart (Anti-Virus definitions updates are still possible)


result 0xe0018d01

@update_result_need_reboot - The update needs restart


result 0xe0018d02

@update_result_invalid_ctf - Invalid Update Control CTF File


result 0xe0018d03

@update_result_missing_bin - A .bin file is missin


result 0xe0018d19

@update_result_missing_ctf - The update control file is missin


result 0xe0018d20

@update_result_proxyauth_error - Proxy authentication failed


result 0xe0018d21

@update_result_forbidden_error - Access is forbidden by the server


result 0xe0018d04

@update_result_bad_bin - Invalid binary update file


result 0xe0018d07

@update_result_damaged - The update has not been finished because the installation is corrupted


result 0xe0018d09

@update_result_low_space - Not enough free disk space to process update


result 0xe0018d0a

@update_result_internet_error - The connection with update server has failed


result 0xe0018d0b

@update_result_invalid_license - Invalid licens


result 0xe0018d0c

@update_result_antispam_error - Component_AntiSpam update error


result 0xe0018d0d

UPDATE_ALREADY_RUNNING_ERROR - another instance of update is running, try it again later.


result 0xe0018d0e

@update_result_proxy_detect_failed - Proxy detection failed


result 0xe0018d0f

@update_result_update_canceled - Update was cancelled


result 0xe0018d10

@update_result_update_available - New update is available


result 0xe0018d15

@update_result_licserver_error - License server error


result 0xe0018d24

@update_result_insufficient_rights_error - Not enough rights to run update


other results != 0




@UPDATEMGR_State_text_running - update is running


Result 0xe0018d05

@ Invalid diff file, need to be performed full update


Result 0xe0010045

@The data is invalid.


Result 0xc0070570

@The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.



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