KB#:  KKB000040


We have a customer that has installed KES on several machines. Two of these machines have broken down and been replaced by two new machines. How can we get back the licenses from the two machines that have broken down so those can be used again? Under Extend/Return these two old machines have returnable set to 0.


KES licensing works on a pool idea. As KES is installed on a machine, a license is taken out of the pool and associated with the machine. 


Each license is valid for 1 year. When a license is used on a machine, the clock starts ticking, and that license is referred to as partial, as some of it has been used. This license cannot be "returned". 


It is possible to associate more than 1 license with an agent. If a customer has paid for 3 years of AV support, you can associate 3 licenses with a single agent. In this case, the agent would have 1 partial license and 2 unused licenses. These 2 unused licenses are "returnable", meaning that they can be put back in tothe pool as an 100% unused license.


If you uninstall KES via the kaseya interface from a machine, that partially used license is returned to the pool to be used again. This will happen automatically as part of the uninstall process. If the user uninstalls KES, Kaseya will not know this.You can run the uninstall from the kaseya interface on the machine. Although there will be nothing to uninstall, part of the scripts job will be to free up that license and return it to the pool. If the machine dies, there are a couple of options, depending on how you handle the new machine. If you are going to give the machine a new agent, you can simply delete the old agent from kaseya, this will free up the partial license.If you are associating the new machine with the old agent account, then kaseya will already have a partial license associated with that agent, so no action will be required, apart from re-installing KES on that machine.