KKB#:  KKB000894




•WUA:  Windows Update Agent.  See KKB000895 for additional information.

•Patch Management > Automatic Update will always use the defined file source

•Machine Update and Patch Update do not invoke WUA to install patches.  The full executable file will be downloaded.  If the endpoint's File Source is a LAN share or System Server, then the process is the same as Automatic Update.  However, if the endpoint's File Source is Download from Internet, these Machine or Patch Update will download the .exe/.msu/.msi from Microsoft into the defined Working Directory and then execute the file via command line.

•Patches will remain with a Pending status until the entire process complete – that includes the reboot and post-reboot rescan*

*Exception: When a preliminary rescan detects all scheduled patches as installed, the Pending flag will clear.  See KKB000893 on Reboot Action Overview to determine which actions will call a preliminary rescan.