KB#:  KKB000806



Windows Auto Update page displays “Automatic Update not initialized on machine” for some endpoints


Kaseya leverages Microsoft’s patch scan engine for patch scans and patch installations.  In order configure the Windows Auto Update setting for an endpoint, the locally-installed program on the machine, Windows Automatic Update, must first be initialized.  This usually occurs automatically during the setup portion of the operating systems, but some configurations, particularly older operating systems, may require the program be launched manually on the endpoint.

Windows Automatic Update is usually accessible from the Programs menu, from the Control Panel, or from the System Tray and may be called “Microsoft Update”, “Windows Update”, “Automatic Updates”, “Update My Computer”, or something similar.  If you are unsure of where to locate Automatic Update, please consult the documentation for your operating system.

Once Automatic Update setup wizard has run and the service has been initialized on the endpoint, run a patch scan from the VSA.  Once the scan completes and the information is parsed, you should be able to configure the Windows Auto Update settings from within the VSA.


Patch Management