KB#:  KKB000730

Using Get System Info tool for KAV
When reporting issues with KAV/Kaspersky endpoints, you may be asked to run this tool in order to collect information about the affected computer.
1) extract the file getsysteminfo.exe from the attached zip
2) run it on the affected computer
3) accept license agreement and keep default options
4) click "Create Report"
5) when the report completes, please attach the file generated to the ticket. Unfortunately the link is no longer enough as it misses some key bits of information.
USING AN AGENT PROCEDURE (does not require desktop access to endpoint)
1) using Agent Procedures function, upload the getsysteminfo.exe file to the Managed Files area on your VSA server
2) import the procedure defined in the xml file contained in the attached zip
3) run the procedure on the affected agent
4) when it completes, connect to the computer using KLC File Manager or Remote Control > FTP function and copy the report file across - you will find it in a directory called "GSI" under the agent working directory (e.g. c:\kworking\GSI)
5) Attach this file to the ticket.

Download the Get System Info tool here: 


KAV, Kaspersky, K2, GSI tool