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How do I troubleshoot missing data on the System Information page for individual endpoint(s)?


Kaseya 6.0 and later relies on WMI forgathering System Information. In some cases, WMI may not be properly collecting or reporting data through Kaseya. WMI library calls are used to fetch the SMBIOS data to populate the Agent-> System Information page. If the calls fail, hardware and software information cannot be retrieved. The failed WMI calls is a Microsoft Known Issue. No tall users or endpoints will experience this issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article steps the Kaseya Server Administrator through specific tasks to troubleshoot this issue and assumes the administrator prefers to not update or upgrade the server if those tasks can be avoided. However, if you are able to within your environment, updating the agent (Section 2) and upgrading the server (Section 3) can be completed prior to troubleshooting. This may save some time repeating investigative steps but is not appropriate in all cases as less-impacting steps may (or may not) resolve this issue. Please review this entire article before proceeding with troubleshooting.

To determine whether the lack of information on the System Information page is related to WMI:

Section 1

1.Determine the last time Audit collected System Information

·On the Audit tab, select the Run Audit function

·Locate and record the System Information timestamp for the specific endpoint (you will need this for troubleshooting)

2.Review the Agent Log for errors

·Select the Machine Status -> Agent Logs function from the Agent tab and click the hyperlink for the specific endpoint

·Select Agent Log from the Select Log drop down list and set the Start Date and End Date fields to include the window of time found in Section 1, step 1

·Review the log for the following error occurring at the approximate time of the timestamp found in Step 1: Could not retrieve hardware information from system. Code: -2147024891

If this error is present, it is indicative of an error with WMI. In order to resolve the issue and allow the System Information tab to populate with data, follow Microsoft’s recommendations found here.

If this error is not present, it does not rule out the WMI issue as the cause of the missing data population. To further investigate, you will need to gather additional information as an update to your system may be required. Continue to Section 2.

Section 2

1.Determine the version of Agent that is installed on the endpoint (update if necessary)

·Select the Upgrade Version -> Update Agent function from the Agent tab

·The Agent version for the endpoint will be listed, as below

2.If the agent version for this endpoint is not the most current, select the endpoint and click the Update Agent button

3.Run an Audit on the endpoint

·Select the Collect Data -> Run Audit function from the Audit tab

·Select the endpoint

·Click the Run Audit Now button

Note: Information gathered during an audit can take an hour or more to populate to the System Information tab. In some instances it can take less time, butis dependent on your environment (database size, agent availability, network,etc.). Please allow sufficient time for this to complete before proceeding.

4.Once the audit completes, verify whether the data is populated for the endpoint on the System Information page

5.If the data is not populated, repeat the steps outlined in Section 1 to determine if the appropriate error is present in the Agent Log

6.If after repeating the steps in Section 1 you determine the error is not present, continue to Section 3

Section 3

Note: To determine whether WMI is causing data to not populate the System Information tab, it may be necessary to install Service Pack 1 (Kaseya 6.0.1) on the KServer. You may skip the following section if an update to Service Pack 1 cannot be performed at this time. However, if after completing Sections 1, 2, and 4 you are unable to locate the Could not retrieve hardware information from system. Code: -2147024891 error, an update to 6.0.1 will be required to further investigate and resolve the missing data population.

1.Determine the version of the KServer currently installed

·Select the Server Management -> Configure function from the System tab

·The KServer version will be listed at the top of the main pane, as below

2.Update Kaseya server to Service Pack 1 (6.0.1) or to version 6.1

If an upgrade to your system is necessary, please follow the steps outlined in the upgrade documentation:

·Kaseya 6.1 Installation and Upgrade Guide

·Kaseya 6.0.1Installation and Upgrade Guide

3.Continue to Section 4

Section 4

After completing any necessary updates to your system, review the Agent Log for the error: Could not retrieve hardware information from system.Code: -2147024891 (See Section 1 for detailed instructions)

If the error is present, the non-population of the System Information is due to an error with WMI. To resolve this issue, please follow the recommendations outlined in the Microsoft article.

If the error is not present, the missing System Information may not be due to the Microsoft WMI error. In these cases, please open a ticket with Kaseya Support. Detail all troubleshooting steps you were able to complete.



Microsoft Article related to WMI/RoSP Error: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/support/ee/transform.aspx?ProdName=Windows+Operating+System&ProdVer=5.2&EvtID=1090&EvtSrc=Userenv&LCID=1033

Kaseya 6.1Installation and Upgrade Guide

Kaseya 6.0.1Installation and Upgrade Guide



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