KB#:  KKB000510



How do I resolve a DirectException error?


In some cases, when clicking on some functions within the Audit tab, you may receive a DirectException error similar to the following:

This error is most common in K2 Service Pack 1 (version 6.0.1).

This error can indicate:

  • hotfixes did not apply properly or
  • an attempt to access the system is made while hotfixes are being applied

If you receive this error, reloading the hotfixes on the Kaseya server often resolves the issue. To reload hotfixes:

  • Select Configure from the System tab
  • Click the Reload button


  • Wait approximately 30 minutes for all hotfixes to be fully reloaded

It is advised that the Reapply Schema function is after reloading hotfixes. To Reapply Schema:

  • Select Configure from the System tab
  • Click the Reapply Schema link

Once Reapply Schema has completed, verify whether you are able to successfully access the Audit tab functions


If the above steps do not resolve DirectException error, please contact Kaseya Support to open a ticket. Reference the error you are receiving (supply screenshot, if possible) and indicate you have attempted the steps in this article.


Kaseya Server, Service Pack 1, 6.0.1, Audit