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Why does Audit > Installed Apps list is not update with new application versions after running Latest Audit?

Audit cache ( file C:\ProgramFiles\Kaseya\Agent\appAuditCache.txt) does list the correct version

The app audit cache on the Agent holds the application list from the most recent run of audit. If it exists, the next audit will only report up differences to minimize the processing load. Therefore a change is reported only once unless the app audit cache is deleted (i.e. reset). When there is no audit cache, the entire list is sent up during the next audit. Possible reasons for missing a reported change would be problems on the server side such as SQL deadlocks, unexpected shutdowns while processing audit results.

Kaseya 2008 SP1 has a resolution for these problems by writing the audit results into a file and processing them off in the background instead of queuing up the results in memory. However, if the mismatched occurred due to drops prior to updating to SP1, then resetting the cache is required to get back in sync.

Update the server and agents to Kaseya 2008 SP1

Clear the audit cache on all machines by running the sample script "Reset Audit Cache", then run another Latest Audit.

Allow a few minutes for background processing to complete, then check the Installed Apps list for the updated version.


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