Steps for creating Public Kaseya University Learning Center Accounts

1. When accessing, you will need to create an account:

2. Creating your account:

a. If you have previously participated in training with Kaseya University through IT Scholars, CLICK HERE to learn how to create and synchronize your accounts between the training systems.

b. If you have never had an IT-Scholars account, please proceed to fill out the account information.

Note: Please use your work email address when creating an account.

3. The page will let you know that an email has been sent to you:

4. Here is the email that you will receive in their inbox. Be sure to check your SPAM folder if it does not come through. Generally, the email comes in right away (a minute or less). You will need to activate the account before logging in.

Note: If you login to and do no activate your account, you will get the following message:

5. Once activated, you can log in:


6. You will need to ‘Accept and Continue’ our Terms and Conditions before moving forward.

7. After submitting, the page will show all the courses.

*Note: Paid users do not need to create their own accounts, they will be created by The Kaseya University Team once an order comes through (~ 24 hours response time).

*Note: If you become a paid customer and already have a public account, your account will be converted to paid versions.