After installing another BYOD Gateway, Secure Browser does not show all my BYOD Gateways.


Secure Browser shows the BYOD Gateway available that matches the access code and credentials you used to login. The most common reason for a new BYOD Gateway to not show up in your site list is simply because you need to add the site with your credentials for the new BYOD Gateway.

You can re-add your credentials by tapping the '+' located in the upper left corner of the screen on iOS devices. For Android devices use the menu button to "Log in to new site". This will prompt you to log in to the new gateway. You will need to add each site to your site list that you have credential for.

Please remember that the user name and password are case sensitive.

For iOS devices:

To delete any BYOD Gateways you no longer want/need access to, tap 'edit' in the upper-right corner of the Sites list in the Browser. This will make red '-' symbols appear next the gateway names. Tap the '-' next the gateway name you want to delete.
Then tap 'Delete' to the right of the gateway name. Tap ‘Done’ to return to the site list.

For Android devices:

to delete any BYOD Gateways you no longer want/need access to, tap and hold the gateway you want to delete.


Re-log in with your credentials to see all available BYOD Gateways in your site list.

Kaseya BYOD Suite