KB# KKB001030

Kaseya Backup 5.0 is currently in “controlled release” (CR) phase. It is available to customers on request, and includes the following enhancements: -

  • Windows 8 and 2012 support

  • brings back the Synthetic Backup support for encrypted backups and folder backups

  • Support for latest disc hardware for improved backup reliability and bare metal recovery options

  • Improved backup logic to minimize ongoing incremental backup sizes

  • Support for conversion of Dynamic Disks to VM and removal of 950GB size limit

  • Support for copying large files when exploring a backup volume

  • Optional Install of Local Client UI for more control when at the local machine

IMPORTANT NOTE - if you are already on the controlled release program, please go to the System > Server Management > License Manager page and check the Backup module version. If it is 4.9.x.x, you do not have the latest build and should update as soon as possible to get the latest code changes. To update, run the Kaseya installer (kinstall.exe) and update the module to v5.0.

The CR program has been running since May 2013, and while the product is generally stable, there are some issues known to the Kaseya Support and Engineering teams which affect operation of the software in certain environments. These “known issues” are listed below.

Current known issues

# incremental backups created by Acronis v9 clients are not readable on offsite replication server if encryption is enabled and "synthetic full" option is used

  • customers are advised to update Acronis v9 clients to ABR11

# Backup fails on ABR11 client with "The running task has been canceled"

  • see KKB001019 for details and troubleshooting steps

# Backup on ABR11 client appears to be “stuck” at 95% completion on the Backup Status page. On the client side, acrocmd.exe and mms.exe processes are in a hung state.

  • an updated DLL has been provided by Acronis to resolve the issue, and this is currently being tested. Please open a support ticket if you have a backup client showing these symptoms.

  • a permanent fix for this issue will be included in the GA release

# Backup fails on ABR11 client with “Failed to resolve the item: B” (where B is a drive letter)

  • issue is caused by Acronis failing to recognize one of the drives that is selected for backup

  • Acronis have provided a custom build to resolve the issue. Please open a support ticket if you have a client logging this error.

  • a permanent fix for this will be included in the GA release

# When mounting a backup from an ABR11 client using Explore Volumes function, only the “agent credential” user can see the mounted drive. In ABR10 it was available to all users.

  • this is a design change in ABR11

  • we have filed a “feature request” to make the mounted drive available for all users again in a future release, but this will NOT be implemented in time for the KBU 5.0 release

  • in the GA release of KBU 5.0, the mount process will run as the logged in user instead of the “agent credential” user, so long as the logged in user has access to the backup image location. The web UI will report the currently logged in user when selecting the machine to mount the image on.

# Old backup sets are not automatically deleted on Windows Server 2012 machines

  • a Kaseya hotfix was released to resolve this issue (requires the latest controlled release build, Kaseya Backup 5.0)

# Acronis installation fails on some domain controllers due to error creating local service user account.

# Acronis installation fails on Windows 2000 machines

  • a Kaseya hotfix will be released to resolve this issue

# Backups from ABR11 client to some network locations fail with “Access denied” error, even if the Image Location test passes

  • ABR11 uses a different method from previous versions to authenticate with remote computer - now it needs remote credentials to be explicitly specified, whereas previously it would authenticate using the credentials the backup process is running under

  • problems usually occur when backup source and destination machines are in different domains or workgroups

  • Kaseya Engineering team are currently testing a solution - please open a support ticket if you are affected by this issue

# Error occurs in backup logs that “incremental processing has failed on the offsite server”, and then offsite synthetic full backups stop being processed correctly

  • this is a rare issue

  • Kaseya Engineering team are currently testing a solution - - please open a support ticket if you are affected by this issue

# after updating to KBU 5.0, failed offsite synthetic full backups are no longer retried, even though "synthetic full attempts" is set to more than 1

  • reapplying the desired number of synthetic full attempts will resolve this