Eventlog collection in 6.3

A recent hotfix has introduced a new feature where dependency on eventlog collection to invoke eventlog alerts has been removed and alerts can function without it. Please note that this feature does not disable the eventlog collection feature at all and it can be activated from Agent Tab > Event Log Settings.

What is required to activate this feature?

1 - Get latest hotfixes in your VSA

Note - SaaS VSA users already have them

2 - The Windows Agent must be up to date at Agent version or above.

Note - If under 6307 on your Windows agent, choose to force update it via the Agent > Update Agent page

Eventlog alert Behavior in version Kaseya Version 6.2 (Previous method)

VSA automatically collects Eventlog Level and Type when corresponding eventID is set for alerting.

Applies to:

Kaseya Version 6.3