System Content is provided by Kaseya as a set of best practices.  Content within the System cabinets should not be edited.  These cabinets may be locked down to prevent editing of the content.  Content can be copied from the System cabinet for customization.  Please review this article for information regarding the content pack.  Details on copying from the System cabinet are available at the end of this article.

The Systems Management utility is a set of canned content including computer management policies, monitor sets, views, patch policies, and agent procedures.  To download this content from Kaseya, VSA admins will need to configure Systems Management for at least one organization or machine group.   This content is available to systems running 6.3 and later.  Views that are part of the Content Pack will be named beginning with "zz[SYS]".  Within various modules, the Content pack information will be available in the System cabinet:


Enabling Systems Management

  • Navigate to System > Manage and select one machine group or organization
  • Click the Systems Management tab
  • Click Configure
  • Step through the wizard to enable the preferred options
  • Click Finish

If not already available on the system, the Content Pack will be automatically downloaded from Kaseya to your VSA.  A message will be available in your Info Center inbox once the content download is complete.

The content pack is a set of best practices.  Policy Management policies will be automatically assigned to machines in the selected organizations based on these best practices. To learn more about the Systems Management tool, please visit

Editing System Content Policies

Policy Management system content policies should not be edited.  To customize a system policy,  copy the policy to the Private cabinet.  Policies can be copied individually OR an entire folder structure can be copied.  Once the policies have been copied to the system cabinet, edit the policies as necessary and assign the new policy to the appropriate machines and/or organizations. 

Copying System Content Policies

  • Navigate to Policy Management > Policies
  • Expand the System cabinet
  • Identify the individual policy OR folder structure to be copied
  • Press and hold the Crtl button on the keyboard
  • Select the policy/folder to be copied
  • While holding Crtl, drag the policy/folder to the Policies cabinet
  • Release the policy/folder into the appropriate folder within the Policies cabinet


Note:  You must press/hold the Crtl button before beginning the drag/drop of the policy or folder


Once the policy is copied, it may be edited and applied to any machine, machine group, organization, and/or to the global level.


For additional information on using the Systems Management tool, creating, assigning, and editing policies, and for details on policy precedence, please review the Policy Management TechJam presentation available at